I have been a trading enthusiast since high school and a futures professional for 25 years. It is clear to me that the crypto-currency phenomenon offers extraordinary opportunities for alert buyers and short-sellers who can balance the risks and rewards. More than ever, I am being approached by friends, family and even casual acquaintances for my professional opinion and assistance. So I will publish here the same advice that I have provided to those near and dear to me. To be clear, that friendly assistance may entail a suggestion that you keep away from this market; it is not suitable for everybody.

Many of you have struggled with thoughts on the Bitcoin phenomenon and whether to get involved. Understandably, you have concerns about the volatility and risks, but are intrigued by the meteoric rise in prices — the numbers have been staggering. Are the moves sustainable or is this a price bubble? Some of you are not even sure exactly what Bitcoin is or how to participate. The craze started out unconventionally as “mining for coins”, very far out of people’s ordinary scope of experience. However, all that is about to change significantly:

In order to standardize Bitcoin as an investment and regulate its activities, the authorities have approved the establishment of contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Now investors will be able to participate in bitcoin using highly regulated futures contracts and benefiting from all of the protections afforded in a monitored contract market. Owners of actual Bitcoins will be able to hedge price risk and spread positions for arbitrage opportunities — key tools for a speculative investment. So although the risks and big price swings may continue, you can operate in an environment that provides legitimate oversight, price discovery and a solid history of dealing effectively with highly volatile markets. That is a big game changer for potential participants.

Since my enthusiastic start in high school and over 25 years as a futures pro, I realize that the Bitcoin phenomenon may be unlike anything we have seen before. If prices skyrocket, there are extraordinary opportunities for alert buyers. If we are in an absurd bubble, there is a potential windfall for short-sellers. Whatever the case, this is a potentially unprecedented instrument for those who can speculate prudently by balancing the risks and rewards.

If you are intrigued by the idea, feel free to contact me directly for the real scoop. You’ll get accurate facts on how to get involved and have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. Don’t be upset if I suggest you keep away from this market and be sure to tread lightly if you are suitable to participate. At the very least you’ll get some useful resources and be in the loop on the Bitcoin phenomenon.

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